a yellow dumpster with garbage in it on a columbia sc streetAccording to the American Cleaning Institute, 78% of Americans spring clean at least once a year. This is a 10% increase from the previous years. But, before enjoying the bliss of a clean home, you need to remove the junk.

That’s where junk removal services come to the rescue!

You don’t want a massive pile of debris and leftover belongings creating a mess in your garden or outside your home. So, you need to prioritize junk removal after home renovations or a landscaping project.

Once you’ve cleared your space from junk, you can start making the most of your transformed space.

Here are the main reasons to hire a junk removal company.

The Top 3 Benefits of a Junk Removal Service

Even though clearing up junk yourself is possible, that doesn’t mean it’s the best option. For instance, you might want to renovate your home office, but you can’t take time off work to tidy up the aftermath.

Or, you want to spend summer clearing out your garden and planting new flowers, but the weather is too warm to make several trips to the junkyard. Depending on the size of your project, you’ll need a large dumpster rental.

Otherwise, you’ll have many garbage bags scattered around your home. And a junk removal service can help you with the tidy-up process by removing all the garbage left after a project.

So, the first major benefit of hiring a junk removal service is that it saves you time.

1. Save Time on Junk Removal

Whether digging up your garden for new plants or reconstructing a bedroom in your home, any renovation can take days to complete. In some cases, it can even take months to be fully complete.

Not only is time an issue for many people completing home projects, but the volume of junk can eat into your daily errands and work schedule. So, many people decide to put off their plans as they don’t have the time.

Junk removal companies offer you the opportunity to bring your home renovation projects to life without sacrificing hours of your day to pick up debris.

When you hire a professional, they can take care of the logistics of junk removal, so all you have to do is fill up the dumpster and focus on the design elements.

Basically, you get to enjoy the good parts of the process without dealing with the hassle of garbage piles. After removing the junk, you can organize a deep clean or garden party to celebrate your new space.

2. Minimize Extra Costs

Renovations can also become expensive when unexpected costs like missing parts or new equipment come up during the process. If you’re handling large, heavy items, it can also take up a lot of space.

Instead of researching how to handle large items and removing heavy junk materials, you can leave it to the professionals. A junk removal company has years of experience handling various pieces of garbage.

Therefore, you won’t have to pay for extra help outside a removal service. They can organize the whole process from the beginning until the end. Plus, this will minimize your stress during the renovation phase.

We all know how stressful it can be to clear out a home and look through personal belongings to ensure you’re not throwing away anything valuable. So, you’ll benefit from some experienced professionals helping you.

And you’ll find an affordable junk removal cost, so you don’t need to break the bank.

3. Reduce Environmental Impact

As the world becomes more aware of its environmental impact on nature and society, it’s crucial that we all take responsibility for our actions and reduce the amount of waste we produce.

Most of the time, people end up dumping all the junk and wasting an opportunity to contribute to the community. For example, professional junk removal companies often donate to local charities.

You can enquire about their charity connections and might even be able to contribute to an environmental organization.

That means there’s no reason to feel guilty about renovation projects if you know you’re giving to charity.

When you use a junk removal service, you can also limit the volume of plastic by using a large dumpster. Typically, people will fill plastic bags with rubbish during renovations, but this can do more harm than good.

Although plastic bags can be convenient for small garbage, it’s not an ideal solution for the future. So, if you can use more sustainable options like junk removal dumpsters, it will make all the difference.

How to Decrease Waste During Renovation

Using a junk removal service is one way to decrease your waste during a home renovation, but you can also start selling old furniture and items as soon as possible.

This way, you will limit the waste volume at the project’s end. And, you can give someone else a chance to benefit from your old belongings if they are in decent condition.

If you’re planning to paint but buy too much to be on the safe side, you can donate leftover paint to local shops or art studios. You can also get in contact with local schools and offer supplies.

The best way to decrease waste is to get creative about repurposing and find ways to use old items, wood, or furniture. Then, you can get rid of the junk with confidence after a renovation.

Declutter Your Home With Professionals

A junk removal service will give you more time to focus on renovations without piling up massive piles of plastic garbage bags and debris. From a safety perspective, you will also limit the risk of injuries.

This is particularly important if you have pets or young children running around the space and are concerned about their safety. Our team can help you with junk removal and provide a dumpster on-site.

Once you let us know what you need, we’ll deliver the dumpster to your home, you fill it, and we’ll be back to pick it up afterward. Plus, we work with local charities to minimize environmental waste.

What could be better?

Reach us here to talk about booking our junk removal services.

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