A back alley with trash dumpsters, Procon Residential Roll Off Containers, dumpster rental Lexington SC, The United States produces almost 300 million tons of municipal waste every year. This massive amount of detritus must move from a home location to a dump site. If you find yourself with a sudden influx of trash you need to haul, how do you do it while remaining fast and safe?

This is why dumpster rental in Lexington, SC, is so popular. Sometimes, people need to bring in professionals to transport all the things they no longer need. Though, there are many other benefits too.

This article will help you understand what else you can get out of such an arrangement. As you read through, you will find many of these rental reasons will line up with your own needs.

1. Meet Regulations and Follow Rules

When you are throwing large amounts of refuse out, no matter the reason, you need to ensure you follow the local rules and regulations. There might be laws related to what you can throw out, or how much you can throw out as a private citizen.

On top of this, you can only put so much in your trash can every so often before your local garbage collectors will refuse to pick it up. They have their own rules they need to follow.

By engaging with dumpster rentals, you can put aside a large waste container to fill with as much as you can fit. This is perfect for a large project, where you expect to have several tons of waste to remove from your home.

While they might still have rules about what you can get rid of, they will not be as strict as local regulations. You can often fill up the whole dumpster with huge amounts of disparate materials without needing to worry.

2. Diminish Your Carbon Footprint

With the amount of waste a large project can produce, it is very unlikely you will be able to fit it all within your vehicle. This means you would have to haul it several times to get rid of everything. Even a rental van might not have the ability to move it all, due to the weight of the materials.

Instead of taking several trips to get rid of everything, work with a dumpster rental service to do it all in one go. They can both drop off and pick up the waste collection container, to take it to a central location.

3. Renovate Your Home Faster

Not only will using a dumpster rental service reduce your carbon footprint, but the reduced number of trips will also help you get your work done.

Instead of going back and forth between your home and the dump, you can focus instead on the process of completing your project.

If you are not as bothered about your carbon footprint or the speed of the work you do, there are still benefits. Remember, this will also save you on gas as someone else does all the hard work for you. You can then put that money back into what you are doing with the home.

4. Prevent Property Damage and Clutter

By moving large amounts of trash and detritus through your home, you might end up causing small bumps and scratches on your property. Even by making piles of waste, you could end up harming your lawn or driveway.

Instead of this, you could rent a dumpster that can sit on your driveway and contain all the trash instead.

As another option, you could always use roll-off dumpsters. These containers smoothly come off the back of a truck and you can ask for them to be set up in unobtrusive locations. They can also hold a lot more than a regular dumpster, helping you collect all your waste at once.

5. Reduce the Cost of Renovation

Junk removal might end up costing you a lot if you need to do it yourself. You might end up causing damage to the vehicle you transport it in, or need to wash the vehicle after.

In general, it is much easier to start junk removal early and use it as part of an efficient and cost-effective process. This allows you to use your money in other parts of the renovation, or save it for other projects.

6. Safely Dump Waste

Many of the dumpsters you can rent have advanced safety features to ensure people using them stay safe. You also can ask for specific features depending on your needs. For example, if you have concerns about dumpster divers, you can ask for the dumpster rental service to include a sturdy door on the dumpster.

In general, dumpsters are also good at dissuading small children and pets from accessing your waste. Thus, you can feel safe with your trash inside a dumpster instead of on your driveway or lawn.

7. They Can Handle the Details of Dumping

After the trash leaves your home, it can sometimes be a hassle to get it where it needs to go. If it is at the end of the day, you might miss the window to take it to the dump, or you might not know the best place to take it.

Dumpster rental services have good relationships with local refuse collection centers. They can ensure your waste goes to the right place, and items needing recycled end up in the right piles. This gives you great peace of mind you would need to otherwise stress over.

Find Dumpster Rental in Lexington, SC

The above seven points should help you understand why dumpster rental in Lexington, SC, is so popular. Whether you are looking to renovate, have a large landscaping project, or want to reduce clutter in your home, we can help. All you need to do is get in contact.

Our people can talk to you about your needs and find out more about your situation, then we can recommend a good dumpster choice for you. So, give us a call today and find out what we can offer.