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Most people believe they would love spaces in their homes more if they could just remove all the extra stuff lying around. Clutter is a problem that seems to sneak up on you and take over before you know it.

Getting rid of junk is a goal many people have but only a few follow through on. It feels incredibly overwhelming to try to tackle such a big job, especially when you haven’t gone through the spaces in a long time. But the longer you put off the job, the worse the problem will become so you have to start now!

Following these eight steps will help you declutter your life and create a neater home in no time.

1. Make a Plan

Before you jump in and start throwing things out of your space, it’s important to make a solid plan. That way you can stay on track to make sure you get everything done that you’d like.

Start by choosing the room you’d like to focus on first. It’s helpful to go even further and break down the priorities within that space. Giving yourself an easy win right away by tackling an easy spot where you’ll see a transformation will help you stay motivated as you move forward.

Be sure to make your plan realistic so that you stick to it until the end.

2. Start With the Garbage

Once you’re ready to start tackling the clutter, look for the obvious garbage first. Sometimes getting rid of items can be difficult, so going for the things that don’t have any value or importance makes it easier. During this step, you can move quickly without doing a lot of internal debate but still make great progress towards your goal.

Don’t forget to rent a dumpster so all the garbage has somewhere to go when you take it out of your house!

3. Take in Donations

As you start to move through your piles of junk, pull things out that you don’t want anymore that still have some value. These things might be a little worn out but could be revived for a second life with someone else.

Those items can be donated to a worthy cause or a thrift store, wherever is easiest for you to get them out of your home. It’s a good idea to have this place already picked out and set up before you even start decluttering.

4. Find Items to Sell

Some of the items that you don’t want anymore will be nice enough that you could make some extra cash off of them. Things like only slightly outdated technology, furniture, and nice clothes can bring in a good amount. Then you can use those funds to get something you have wanted for the space.

Where and how you’re going to sell unwanted items is another decision you should make ahead of time so that you don’t hang on to the items any longer than necessary.

5. Touch Every Item

When you’re working to declutter your life, it’s important to be as thorough as you can. This means you need to touch every item in the area to be sure you’re not leaving unwanted junk behind.

Make it a point to avoid making bulk decisions as that often leads to keeping things that you don’t actually want. Considering each item as you go means you’ll have a more thorough purge and won’t have as many regrets once you’re done. When you’re putting in the effort to declutter, you won’t want to do it again for many years!

6. Stick to One Area at a Time

Along the same lines, the most effective way to tidy up is to stick with one area until it’s completely done. As you start to go through piles, you’ll find the space gets much worse before it can start to get better. It will look like a bomb went off for a while with things all out of order as you process. The last thing you want to do is to spread that mess into several spaces.

Take it one area at a time to contain the mess and ensure you actually finish.

7. Stay Dedicated to Your Goal

It’s easy to get overwhelmed while you’re decluttering and want to give up. There is often much more than you thought once you start to pull everything out and go through it. But giving up will only make the problem worse!

Stay motivated by making the job as easy as possible for yourself. Hire junk removal services, bring in your close friends to help make decisions, and reward yourself once you’ve finished. It will be worth all of the extra effort to stay motivated so you can really enjoy your space again.

8. Picture Your Ideal Space

For those times when you start to feel overwhelmed, picture what you want the space to look like. Maybe you’re planning on using the extra room for a fun, new purpose. Or maybe you’re just looking forward to being able to breathe a little easier with more room. Whatever your ideal space looks like, keep that picture in mind as you’re making all of your decisions.

Best Tips for Getting Rid of Junk in Your Home

Getting rid of junk from your home is one of the best things you can do for your life. Instead of being overwhelmed by all the stuff and what you should be doing with it, you’ll be able to actually relax and enjoy your spaces knowing you’ve done all you needed to tidy up.

The key is making sure all of the things you don’t want anymore get out of your home and don’t hang around for any extra time. Renting a dumpster is the easiest way to ensure you’re not left with all that clutter as you go through everything.

Our team will handle all the logistics of getting your dumpster and taking it away, you just have to worry about filling it up! If you’re interested in getting a dumpster for your upcoming project, contact us today!

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