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Did you know that the average home has about 300,000 items in it? That is a lot of stuff to cram inside a single house.

As a result, it shouldn’t come as any surprise to hear that many American homes are filled to the brim with clutter. This clutter can affect the appearance of homes and even make it difficult to use certain rooms in them.

When was the last time that you made an effort to declutter your home? If it’s been a while now, you should try decluttering and organizing your home ASAP. It’ll make such a big difference in the way that it looks and feels.

If you’re ready to start decluttering so that you can organize your home better, we’ve put together a room-by-room guide below that you can use to your benefit. Use it to spring clean or to clean at any other time of the year.

Living Room

When you first start decluttering, you might want to begin with your living room space. This is probably the room where you host people when they visit, so you’ll want to make sure that it’s presentable at all times.

First and foremost, you should go through your living room and make it a point to get rid of anything that you know you don’t need anymore. From books that you haven’t looked at in years to VHS tapes that you know you aren’t ever going to watch again since you got rid of your VCR, you should toss anything that is simply taking up space.

You should also find a permanent place for anything that you’re going to keep. The books that you want to hang onto should be placed in a bookcase or on shelving on the walls. The remote controls that you use to control your TV, cable box, DVD player, etc. should be tucked away in a side table next to your couch where they’ll be easily accessible.

You’ll be amazed by how much better your living room will look once you’ve done some basic decluttering.


Once you’re done decluttering your living room, you should move on to decluttering your kitchen, which is likely the room that your family tends to use the most these days. Families cook, eat, and gather in their kitchens all the time, which is why it’s important for a kitchen to be free from clutter.

If your kitchen counters are currently filled with all kinds of stuff, you should aim to find places for all of them in your cabinets. You should also go through your cabinets and throw out any kitchen utensils, gadgets, etc. that you haven’t touched in months.

You might be shocked to see just how many things you have stored in your kitchen that you don’t use anymore. Getting rid of at least some of them will free up storage space and make it easy for you to keep your counters clear all the time.


Believe it or not, the average American throws out between 70 and 80 pounds of clothing each year. It’s clear that people are buying too many clothes and not purchasing clothing with the intent of keeping it for years to come.

You should avoid buying clothes that you know you aren’t going to keep for a long time. But for now, you should also make it your mission to go through your dressers, closets, etc., and get rid of any clothes that are just taking up space at this point.

While you’re at it, you should also throw out things like comforters, sheets, pillows, etc. that you have hanging around in your bedroom even though you don’t use them anymore. It’ll give you more space to keep everything in your bedroom more organized than it is now.


You might not think that your bathroom needs to be decluttered. But if you sneak a peek at the expiration dates on some of the things in your medicine cabinet, you’ll quickly discover that your bathroom could use some work.

You should take almost everything out of your medicine cabinet and any closets and cabinets that you have in your bathroom and decide what needs to go. You might be shocked to see how many things you can throw out of your bathroom.

By decluttering a bathroom space, you’ll make it so much easier to find things. You’ll also make it simpler to store the things that you do use when you don’t have clutter all throughout your bathroom.


If you have an attic, a basement, or both, there’s a pretty good chance that these spaces will be a major source of clutter. They’ll be filled with things that you’ve thrown in them over time without a care in the world.

It isn’t going to be particularly easy to declutter an attic or basement. You might have to go as far as to secure a dumpster rental in Columbia, SC for junk removal purposes. But you’re going to have to get around to doing it eventually, so why not tackle this project now?

You should set aside a few weekends to go through your attic and/or basement to see what’s in it. You might want to keep some of the more important things in these spaces. But you might also want to either sell, donate, or throw out most of the rest.

Google “dumpster rental near me” before you get started to see if you can find roll-off dumpsters to use while you’re decluttering an attic and/or basement.


Do you wish that you could actually use your garage for something other than collecting clutter? Then you’re going to want to attack your garage with a vengeance as you declutter your home.

Just like your attic and/or basement, your garage is probably filled up with lots of things that you don’t necessarily need anymore. A single dumpster rental in Lexington, SC can help you clear it out so that you can begin putting your car in it again.

Let Us Help You Declutter Your Home Today

If you have the desire to declutter your home, our residential dumpster rental company can lend a hand. We specialize in renting a bunch of different kinds of dumpsters and can supply you with one today so that you can begin decluttering the rooms throughout your home.

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