Are you planning a home renovation? Perhaps you need help after a storm cleanup or are undergoing spring cleaning.

Regardless, having a dumpster on your property will make a big difference with these projects. The business of dumpster rentals is growing at a 3.5% rate right now.

Knowing how to find the right dumpster rental agreement and the best company available will bode well for your project.

These tips will help you when you’re looking into the best dumpster rental Lexington SC can provide.

1. Know the Size You Need


When choosing a company that offers dumpster rental in Lexington, SC, the size of the dumpster is one of the most important matters to consider.

For residential projects, a 15-foot dumpster is typically enough to get the job done. Some companies rent out dumpsters that are 20 feet, 30 feet, or 40 feet. Understanding how much waste you’re disposing of will help you figure out which size is ideal.

Talk to the dumpster rental company to see what sizes they offer. Look into the dumpster in person when at all possible so that you get a better estimate of what you’ll need.

2. Shop for Prices

Get to know the price of a dumpster rental in South Carolina when planning your project. This will depend on several factors, including the size of the dumpster and how long you need to rent it.

It’s common for people to pay roughly $300 for two-day dumpster rentals.

Speak to a few different dumpster rental professionals so that you can compare their prices. Consulting with two or three different dumpster rental Columbia SC companies will help you narrow down your selections until you find a dumpster rental that fits your budget.

This way, you’ll get the service that you need without overspending.

3. Check Out the Company’s Reputation and Credibility

Before hiring a company that offers roll off dumpsters, you need to be certain that the company has a glowing reputation and plenty of credibility. Find out what the community says about the company so that you can trust the likelihood that you’re going to have a positive experience working with them.

Check with consumer affairs in South Carolina to see if people have had any complaints or issues after working with the company. You can also check the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) and look them up with your state’s licensing board.

Make sure that the company is legitimate, licensed, insured, and active before proceeding.

4. Read the Contract and Understand the Agreement

Make sure that you understand the agreement before working with a South Carolina dumpster rental company. During a consultation or quote, the dumpster rental company will also present a contract that you can read through.

Learn the terms of the rental contract, including dates, drop-offs, pick-ups, where the dumpster will be installed, and other obligations. Find out what you’ll have to do to extend the contract if your
junk removal project takes longer than you expect.

Knowing the details of the contract will make you comfortable with the working arrangement. It also lets you know the level of professionalism you’re signing up for.

5. Know Exactly What You Need From Your Project

Having a project and asking yourself “How can I get a dumpster rental near me?” is only the first step. You’ll have an easier time choosing a company to work with when you thoroughly understand your project.

If you’re cleaning out your home, know how many rooms you’re emptying out, along with an estimate of how much waste this means you’re getting rid of. Have a place to situate the dumpster and leave enough room around it to operate.

Figure out how many people are going to be working on the project and make sure that the dumpster you choose is easy to load and unload. The dumpsters will typically come with a latch and a space for a lock that you can use if you’re concerned about people diving through your dumpster.

Manage all of the details of your project so that you can discuss them with the dumpster rental pro during the consultation. Gauge their advice and use it to help you choose the right fit.

6. Get Referrals and Read Their Reviews

Study the reviews that people have left about the dumpster rental company. These reviews will include a rating, along with a qualitative assessment of the business.

See if you can find recurring themes, positive or negative, among the reviews. Speak to the dumpster rental company and ask them if they can also provide any references of people or companies that they’ve done business with.

The more positive reviews and referrals a dumpster rental company has, the better you’ll feel about choosing them.

7. Make Sure Their Dumpsters Are Protected

Dumpster rental professionals may also provide an insurance plan for the equipment. This way, you can rest assured that it’s protected from damage, theft, or vandalism.

They might also allow you to use a third-party insurance policy to protect the dumpster, so find out in advance.

Find the Right Dumpster Rental in Lexington SC

Let these tips guide you when you’re looking into getting a dumpster rental in Lexington SC. Having the help of a dumpster rental pro lets you handle your big cleanup project quickly and effectively, so start shopping around.

ProCon Residential Roll-Off Containers can help you with whatever you’re looking for. Take the time to contact us via the web, or by calling (803)399-8030.

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