A room that is filled with too much stuff, Procon Residential Dumpster Rentals, Lexington, S.C.It’s no big news that Americans have too much stuff. It’s such a problem that 38% are renting self-storage units to take that clutter out of their home and store it somewhere else out of sight.

But that doesn’t solve the problem of too much stuff not enough space, since you are paying hundreds of dollars every year to store stuff you will probably never see or use again. Some people even end up donating the contents of their storage locker years later, sight unseen. Or abandoning them.

That’s why you need to read the article below that speaks about how to declutter a small room or your entire home if you are feeling overwhelmed with stuff.

Space Isn’t the Issue; Clutter Is

A lot of people think that the problem with their homes being messy and overfilled is that their homes aren’t big enough. They think that if they upgrade to a bigger house, their chaotic home problem will be solved.

That’s absolutely the wrong way to look at the problem. You might have noticed it yourself – your stuff expands to take over the space that you give it.

Even if you move from a smaller 2-bedroom house to a 4-bedroom mansion, you will observe that your stuff will take over this bigger space in a matter of time, and your house will start looking unkempt and cluttered yet again.

This is why you need to think about decluttering your home first, before getting into the cycle of buying a bigger house or worse, a bigger storage unit.

In fact, it’s better to avoid the temptation of getting a storage unit in the first place. You will just end up filling it with stuff that you never use and pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege of doing so. It’s a useless waste of money.

Don’t Try To Do It All at Once

So you are ready to declutter. Where to begin?

If you are looking at your entire home and feeling overwhelmed at the idea of decluttering it, then stop and take a deep breath. Don’t think of this as a sprint but as a marathon.

Your clutter didn’t accumulate in a matter of hours or days, so it won’t be removed or organized in a matter of hours or days either. Make it, so you extend the task of decluttering to several weeks or even months.

Go as slow as you need to so you don’t quit halfway.

Take one space in your house, be it a cluttered desk or closet, and start with that. Take a few hours to organize it by donating anything you don’t need and throwing away anything that’s broken.

Once you are done with this space, celebrate and congratulate yourself. And then, move on to the next small room or little space that you wish to declutter.

It might seem like you are moving quite slowly in this manner, but you are more likely to stick to this decluttering task if you don’t rush through it.

A few months down the line, you will be surprised to see that your home is much less cluttered and you have room to breathe. Your anxiety and stress levels will go down as well.

If You Haven’t Used It in Six Months, Donate It

This is a great strategy that will help you remove useless items from your life – items that you have just been holding on to because you don’t know how to throw them out or give them away. They might have an emotional value to you, or you are afraid of letting go of the past.

For example, you might be holding on to clothes from your university days that don’t fit you any longer and aren’t even stylish in any way. It’s time for you to donate these items to the Goodwill shop or throw them in the dumpster if they aren’t good enough to be donated.

You could start by putting all these items that you never use into a cardboard box. Put that box into the basement or closet and wait six months.

If you haven’t missed these items in those six months, then it’s time to throw or donate those items.

You can always rent a dumpster so you can dump everything from your home into this rented dumpster, rather than lugging everything to the landfill every single week. It will make your decluttering chores much easier to complete.

You Can Always Buy It Later

Remember that you can always buy something later if you realize that you threw something useful or necessary.

For example, you might throw out a CD that you thought you would never listen to again. If you realize later that it was borrowed from a friend, then you can always buy the item and replace it that way.

This applies to all items that you throw out. It’s quite easy to replace these items in case you made a mistake in decluttering.

It’s likely that most items you throw out you will never miss again, and you will be glad you were able to get rid of them.

Rent a Dumpster if You Have Too Much Stuff Not Enough Space

Now that you have some tips to work with, it’s time for you to solve the problem of too much stuff not enough space in your home. No need to suffer through this miserable dilemma any longer.

For a dumpster rental in Columbia, SC, contact us today. This way, you can throw everything unnecessarily directly in there and get it picked up whenever you are ready. Decluttering is made simple by renting a dumpster.